Head Games VR is a woman-owned Virtual Reality arcade. The owner, Victoria Merchant, was looking for more unique and affordable things to do with her family when she initially experienced VR in Las Vegas. After her first VR haunted house experience she was hooked and new she had to bring this experience back home to Colorado. Before even opening her doors she had family and friends over to her home to try out the equipment and the reactions were fascinating. Everyone from her 6 year old son to her motion sickness prone mother-in-law LOVED Virtual Reality.

Head Games VR came out of this passion for sharing experiences and having fun with those we love.

At first, putting a Virtual Reality headset on might feel like something out of a science fiction film, but it is advanced technology designed to place you physically in a virtual, imaginary environment. These environments have their own rules and their own ways of unraveling their storylines.

In very basic terms, VR users can look around their artificial environment, move around in it, experience the virtual environment as if it’s the physical world, interacting with virtual items and features. These programs are enhanced with state-of-the-art audio through headphones and specialized haptics found in the handheld controllers.

At Head Games VR, one can experience  total immersion in a virtual world through the use of the HTC Vive headsets and Steam powered games. We also make a promise to our customers to always provide the latest in VR technology and the best games and experiences available. If there is a game or cool device you wish we had please contact us, we aim to please!