Head Games VR is the first woman-owned virtual reality arcade in Colorado. Victoria Merchant, an entrepreneur, fell hard for VR while in Las Vegas. She decided it was something she wanted to bring home to her friends and family in the Denver area. Before making the jump to starting the business, she bought the cutting-edge equipment necessary and installed it in her home- hosting outrageous in-home VR parties that exhilarated her players. It wasn’t long after that, she opened her doors to the masses.

Victoria’s vision came from a passion for uniting people, making memories, laughing, and sharing unforgettable experiences with those she loves.


Putting on a VR headset may make you feel as if you’re walking into a Sci-Fi movie, and it should. The technology is advanced and designed to place you in a different time, space, world… You feel as if you have physically left the arcade and traveled to your captivating destination of choice; with new rules, new inhabitants, and new stories.

While in your new surroundings, your capabilities are limitless. Move around your artificial environment and experience it as if it’s the physical world; because for a brief moment, it is. Interact with it. The games and programs are enhanced with audio and specialized haptics found in the handheld controllers, making your time in this world all the more realistic.

At Head Games VR you will encounter total immersion in a virtual world through the use of the HTC VIVE Headsets and Steam powered games. We also make a promise to our gamers to always provide the latest in VR technology and the best games and experiences available. If there’s a game or cool device you wish we had, just let us know, we’ll make it a reality!