Head Games VR offers competitive pricing for reserving and using our state-of-the-art equipment to transport yourself to a new reality and experience.

We now have three permanent VR stations, and one mobile station. The three permanent stations can be booked in advance, and the mobile station can be booked for off-site events and parties. Each station can accommodate one player at a time; split the time with your friends and family, or rent multiple stations to play with and against each other. If you want to use all four headsets during your session at the arcade, let us know and arrangements can be made!

Check out our pricing list below. Stations One and Two feature identical 8’x8′ play areas right next to each other, which makes them perfect for co-op and multiplayer sessions. They can be rented by two separate groups of 1-3 people or one group of 6 maximum. Station Three is in a private room for one to six people and  provides a 10×10 foot room scale space. You may also rent all three stations and both rooms for your private events. Please contact us directly for more info regarding private events.

Base Price

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1/2 Hour


1 Hour


1 1/2 Hours