Head Games VR has a collection of Virtual Reality games ready for you to try for yourself. Everyone’s experience within these incredibly real, incredibly fun virtual simulations is different. We provide the atmosphere for your imagination to take over and take you to a new reality. This isn’t your father’s arcade. You can transport yourself into a different storyline that you control by donning one of our state-of-the-art headsets in our gaming spaces.

One game that is sweeping the VR world right now is the “A Chair in a Room” series. This series is more than fun and games, they immerse you in an experience and mystery unlike any other, and they all start with little more than a chair in a room before evolving into a series of complex puzzles, storylines, and mysteries to solve and unravel.

The latest installment, “Greenwater,” places you in the mind of a character who finds himself alone in a room (with a chair, of course) in the deep American South. As you explore the room using the technologically advanced VR system, you’ll start picking up clues to why you’ve woken up in this strange and creepy place.

The critical response to A Chair in a Room: Greenwater has been overwhelmingly positive. Audiences have been scared out of their minds as they wander the misty, foreboding Greenwater landscape, and get at the shocking heart of the mystery.

A Chair in a Room: Greenwater is one of the many gaming options for guests at Head Games VR. From puzzle games to musical games and funny, tongue-in-cheek games, everyone can come and have a blast in their new reality provided by the best technology in the local VR rental industry. Make a reservation now!