Virtual Reality has been hailed as “the ultimate storytelling platform” by Forbes. Video games have pushed storytelling to its maximum in terms of reality and giving the player control of their character and the characters around them interacting in a fully-independent, malleable environment. The next step in storytelling is already here. With Virtual Reality, players can interact with fully developed, independent, rendered realities that feel as real as a dream.

Head Games VR has a variety of games available to immerse players deeply into a new level of gameplay that responds fully to your every move. As you react and move throughout the game’s environment, you affect outcomes in the storyline and create new ways of interacting with the characters that inhabit it.

Virtual Reality is changing the gaming industry by offering players greater and greater control of their virtual environments and by immersing them in ever-increasingly complex narratives and character experiences. More companies are jumping on board this rapidly changing industry and embracing the capabilities of Virtual Reality. Using cutting edge technology to give you more sensations within a virtual world, VR technology is constantly evolving to create new modes of storytelling and interaction with new experiences beyond what’s possible in your “real” life.

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