Virtual Reality isn’t just for the gamers anymore.

When you enter Head Games VR you’re taking your first step into a new realm of possibilities. You can expect to leave all you know behind and take a journey through a spectrum you didn’t know you could be part of. Get ready to change your narrative; if only for a moment.


Offering over 45 games and experiences, we have something for everyone. Become your avatar and kill the zombies, help your friends diffuse a bomb, take a ride through the human brain, fly off a highrise building, or travel to Europe. These are just some of the adrenaline-making experiences you can have, whether you’re five or fifty.


Our space is designed to make you feel safe, secure, and comfortable. With four separate headsets in their own open space, you can wander five feet in all directions, as your friends and family watch you. And they take part, too, seeing exactly what you see on large television screens from comfortable seating placed throughout the community room. If you’re looking for a more private setting, we have a VIP room available that will hold one to six players, complete with a comfy lounge setting including sofa and chairs. Be sure to ask for Station 3 if this is what you’re looking for.


We are a virtual reality arcade that provides state-of-the-art equipment and technology. We use HTC VIVE Headsets with HyperX Cloud II Headphones, powerful computers equipped with Intel Core i7-7700 Processors, Nvidia GTX 1080 Graphics Cards, Solid State Drives, HDD 2TB Drives, and a MSI ATX Intel Motherboard.

What are you waiting for? Come take a walk in someone (or someTHING) else’s shoes and explore worlds that become so real, you won’t want your journey to end. Head Games VR has hosted parties for six-year-olds and their school friends, for businesses looking for fun and engaging team-building exercises, for a 40th wedding anniversary party, for gamers who travel the globe in search of unrivaled VR experiences and many others… this truly is a venture for anyone!

Check out OUR GAMES and explore a variety of existences- you won’t want to miss one!