About Us

Virtual reality is one of the fastest-growing in gaming and entertainment in general. Participants are being teleported to the venues where the action they are following is taking place, mostly aided by VR glasses.

This blog is dedicated to VR gaming, aiming to offer useful information to people who are involved in the activity in different capacities. We break down even the most technical of terms to make them easily digestible, even for amateur gamers.

Virtual Reality Games

We begin by taking a look at virtual reality games from the onset. We uncover the history and development of the technology since it was first put into practice in the second half of the 20th century. A lot of developments have been made since then, but the industry is still potent and growing at a very high rate.

We delve into individual VR games that you can play on different devices – Xbox, Windows, PlayStation, you name it. Depending on whether you intend to play alone or with friends, there are different VR games to suit you.

VR Equipment

This site also takes particular interest in the equipment used for VR gaming. What exactly do you need to have the best gaming experience? What are the prices for different items? What can we expect VR gaming equipment to look like in the future?

Join in for these and more insights, and all narrated simply in a fun yet educational manner. VR gaming is the future; we loop you in early enough with great content.

Welcome and happy reading!